Ask A Technician!

by McAtee LLC on February 3, 2015

Ask A Technician!

Have a plumbing or heating issue that leaves you scratching your head? Water bill climbing, and you can not figure out why? What are the best settings for a programmable thermostat? These are the types of questions we have created our latest blog for. If you find your self wanting answers, why not ask our technicians. Simply post your questions here, and we will have one of our qualified technicians respond with our professional experience!

We will go ahead and tackle one of the above questions right now. We often receive calls from customers stating that their water bill has increased, but they have no signs of a leak anywhere! The biggest culprit tends to be a leaking toilet. Toilets have flapper balls that are made of rubber. Over time the rubber will began to deteriorate from sitting in the hard water. The flapper ball eventually gets to the point that it does not seal properly around the flush valve, allowing water to seep through. When enough water seeps through it will allow the fill valve to turn on to fill the tank back up to its preset limit. This will continue to happen, and more frequently the longer it is left UN-repaired.

Simply lift off the lid for the toilet tank. Using a bottle of food coloring from your kitchen, drop a few drops into the water in the tank. Place the lid back on the tank. leave the toilet alone for an hour or two. After you have waited an hour or two lift the toilet seat, if the water in the bowl shows signs of the food coloring being present the flapper ball needs replaced because it is not sealing properly and allowing water to leak through. This will affect your water bill, and should be fixed soon!

Please feel free to submit any questions you may have, and we will respond as soon as possible!

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