Benefits of a Plumbing Inspection for New Homeowners

by McAtee LLC on September 13, 2013

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Columbus PlumberPlumbing is the foundation of every home, and a plumbing inspection should be a priority to all home owners. New home owners are usually preoccupied with multiple factors at the same time and as result, fail to give undivided attention to the condition of the plumbing system. Plumbing is something that can’t be seen immediately with the physical eye, so it is understandable that other home-related factors receive more attention. But, this neglect usually backfires on the owner and inhabitants of the home and manifests itself into future complications, which is a costly thing that leads to more stress.

Plumbing inspections are crucial part of maintaining the plumbing system and warding off any possible difficulties in the future. Water heaters, filters and softeners all run on a continuous basis, which is why it is wise to have all of those things looked over in an inspection. It ensures the comfort that comes with a proper functioning system. Inspections shine a light on any possible malfunctioning or need for tuning up, which increases the unit’s lifespan.

Thorough plumbing inspections can be done annually, bi-annually according to how assured the home owner wants to be about the home’s plumbing. Many issues are dormant and are not noticeable until it blows over in a severe scenario. That is when the costly horrors and regret begins. But, a professional will always be able to locate and repair undetectable leaks and drips, which saves money that would probably be spent paying excess power bills if the inspection never happened. Leaks in the piping system is also a health concern, because leaking water behind fixtures can lead to mold growth. It can damage and dislodge fixtures around it along with electric appliances. It also leads to flooding.

Aside from water supply lines, other parts of the plumbing system can fail too, including the components of the bathtub, shower and faucet, vents and sewer lines. Tree roots can grow into the lines and damage it, and the components mentioned can deteriorate. General inspectors are not as experienced in this as plumbing inspectors. Whether it is during the process in which the home is being bought, or at the time of moving in, plumbing inspections should be done to ensure a comfortable living situation.

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