Benefits Of A Summer Drain Cleaning

by McAtee LLC on June 27, 2013

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Benefits Of A Summer Drain CleaningIt is important to have your drains cleaned and maintained on a routine basis to prevent expensive plumbing problems, remove harmful bacteria, and solve any potential drain problems. It is especially important to have drains cleaned during the summer due to environmental factors and common changes in behavior during the summertime that may lead to increased drain clogs.To begin with, trees and plants that grow during the summertime can often damage pipes that run underground because of root growth. This is something that many homeowners overlook because they would never have reason to recognize this potential problem until the pipes were seriously damaged. Calling a professional plumber to clean the drains during the summer is a great way to have them ensure that all drains and pipes have a clear pathway.

In addition, most people take vacation during the summer or have children home from school which means that people tend to cook for often. Food debris and grease can lead to clogged drains as well as increased bacteria that can lead to unpleasant smells and potentially be harmful to pets or small children. A plumber is able to clean the drains out so that food and other obstructions do not lead to bacteria build up.

Many people also shower more often during the summer due to sweat and so on which can lead to more hair in the drains. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of attempting to unclog a drain full of hair on their own without consulting a professional plumber. This can actually lead to further harm if the incorrect types of chemicals are used too many times. In addition, without the appropriate tools, pipes can be significantly damaged.

Fruit flies are another significant problem that many homes notice during the summer. Fruit flies are attracted to drains that are unclean and contain food particles, built up bacteria, and leftover grease. Professional plumbers are able to safely and effectively rid drains of all of these problems as well as any potentially deep clogs or obstructions. Clean drains do not attract fruit flies and often will eliminate them entirely.

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