Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

by McAtee LLC on September 20, 2013

Why you should consider mini splits


Columbus HVACDuctless mini split air conditioning was the result of the need for more energy efficient and smaller air conditioning. There are a number of benefits to the ductless mini splits including the smaller amount of space they take up. There are government subsidies, multiple options for the design and the placement is easy.

There is no need to wonder if the system is secure since there are no vent hoses like there are with window units. The noise levels are lowered because the compressor is outside of the room which removes the source of the noise. The inside unit is the evaporator which runs quietly and the fans are usually the loudest noise.

The design is slim and does not require floor space which gives you more room in your home. The hole that is required to be made is a maximum of three inches. This eliminates security concerns and there is no need to run duct, instead a narrow conduit connects the inside and outside.The lack of duct work means that heat is not lost through it. The ductless mini splits allow for flexibility in placement. They may be put below the ceiling, above the windows, on the floor or the bottom of the wall. There is also flexibility with the compressor that is placed outside, it can be anywhere from fifty to one hundred feet away from the unit on the inside.

There are tax credits available for the ductless mini split as well as the ability to lower the light  bill due to the high energy efficiency of the models. The ductless mini splits allow for central cooling to be put into older homes that were not designed with duct work. There is no need to remove the unit from windows and store it during the colder months.

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