How can I make sure I’m hiring the right plumber?

by McAtee LLC on January 10, 2014

Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


Columbus PlumberGood communication is important all throughout life, and especially in business. When you need to hire somebody to come work on your home you need to do everything you can in order to make the experience comfortable for both parties and to have clear expectations out of what will be done on your home. By asking the right questions you can ensure a good working relationship with your potential service techs. Let’s look at just what you should ask your plumber before he comes to work on your home.

Find out just what sort of guarantees your plumber will put on his work. For some smaller jobs, like replacing a bit of piping or a few seals, the work they do should come with a warranty. Within x amount of days, typically 30 or so, the plumber will come back and replace or repair the job they did in case of failure. All plumbers will treat their work differently after they have left. So by asking what their policy is and having it in clear terminology, you will be able to sidestep in sort of frustrating questions later on in the event of a failure.

You should also know just what sort of credits your plumber has. Anybody can call themselves a handyman and promise to fix your work, but that does not make them a bonded and insured plumber. Asking this question may feel awkward but it is worth knowing. With this question you can separate the casual handyman from the professional company. Knowing what credits a plumber has behind them will give you an idea to the kind of standards they keep their work and what sort of regulations they have to follow.

In order to ask the right questions to your plumber you must have the peace of mind in order to do so. Most people think that it is rude to ask too many questions and that it will turn off the plumbers. But the plumber works for you and asking questions is the only way you will find out, so feel free to do so!

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