How do I know if my heating unit needs a tune up?

by McAtee LLC on January 31, 2014

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


Columbus HeatingBefore temperatures start to drop, it’s important to know if your furnace is in good working order or not. Once you detect a problem, a skilled HVAC technician can inspect your furnace to determine the exact cause of failure so that all necessary repairs can be made. In the meantime, here are some warning signs that your heating unit needs a tune up.

Strange Noises: While it’s impossible to have a furnace that runs whisper-quiet, it’s not normal to hear groaning, whining or banging noises coming from it. Strange sounds are often indicative of an ignition problem or a loose belt.

Higher Than Normal Electricity Bill: If your electricity bill gets higher while your furnace usage remains the same, this could be caused by several different factors that only a professional can diagnose. If several repairs reap no improvements, it’s best to have the furnace replaced by a newer, more energy efficient model that will result in a lower electricity bill.

Yellow Pilot Light: A yellow pilot light indicates that there is an imbalance of the the combination of gases emitting from the furnace. A blue pilot light means that the gas combinations are balanced.

Furnace Shuts Off Independently: When a furnace has difficulty starting up and staying on, this most likely means that there is a broken fan motor, a broken pilot light or faulty wiring.

Dirty Furnace: A poorly-functioning furnace can cause dust and mold to circulate throughout your home, causing your family to have an increase in breathing-related illnesses such as allergies and asthma.

Cold Spots: If your home is warm in some spots and cold in others, it may be a sign that the heat emitted from your furnace is leaking up to your attic instead of heating the living spaces.

Old Furnace: Even with the best maintenance, eventually your furnace will break down and need to be replaced. The average lifespan of a furnace is between 10 to 15 years old.

If your furnace isn’t working at its full potential, leaving your home cold and uncomfortable, now the is time to call an HVAC technician for repairs.

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