How often does my heating unit need a tune up?

by McAtee LLC on February 28, 2014

Signs that your Heating System Needs a Tune Up


Columbus HeatingIn order to keep your home warm all winter, you depend on your heating system. If your heating system goes, it could be a huge problem. The best thing to do is have your heating system tuned up and checked for problems once a year. You take your vehicle for a regular tune up, you should do the same for your heating system. This way you will know that you won’t end up in the cold. If you skip a tune up or just forget about it, your heater will tell you that it has a problem. Obviously it won’t come out and speak to you, however, there will be signs that there is a problem.

If you notice that there is a strange smell coming from your heating unit, that is a sign that there is a problem. It means that your system is using much more fuel than it needs. Not only is this dangerous, it will also cost you a lot more in fuel bills. The reason for the smell can mean that there are clogged filters or vents.

If you notice your heating unit is making noise, that is another sign that you have a problem. If the blower fan is not working, this can cause noise and you will notice that your unit is not working properly. Something may have come lose or it may need an adjustment. This is something that can be fixed. You do want to make sure that you have it fixed right away. If not, it can cost you a lot more money. You may even need to have it replaced which can be very costly.

If your heating unit is not kicking out enough heat, that is a sign that there is a problem. Also, it your unit is running longer than normal, you also have a problem. It will take a professional to come out and diagnose your problem and then fix it.While all of these problems can be fixed by a licensed HVAC professional, it is better if you can avoid problems in the first place. By having your heating unit tuned up annually, you won’t have to worry about problems occurring.

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