How often should I have my heater checked out?

by McAtee LLC on March 21, 2014

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


Columbus HEatingMany people assume that their heating units last a lifetime. For today’s energy efficient units that’s pretty accurate, only if they are well maintained. Those who have lifetime warranty on their machines are covered when their units breaks down. But not all of them are lucky enough to avail this feature. Some units come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. And unfortunately, you cannot count on this guarantee if your unit has never been touched in the last decade. With that in mind, here are the reasons why heating unit needs frequent tune ups.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off: It is obvious that any CO leakage that you notice is from your heating furnace, unless you have other machines/vehicles running in your garage. However in most cases, the detector may not detect the leakage due to furnace venting system. In the rest of the cases, when your detector alarms, it is time to go to safety and either replace or repair the furnace immediately.

Heating Units Making Loud Noises: Older heating models are manufactured with reasonable sound when the units are on. If the sound is getting louder and louder year after year, it is a clear signal that something is not right. The loud noise could be coming from a cracked belt or components that need to be tightened. Any strange noise coming from the unit is a sign to have a complete diagnosis from a HVAC professional.

Furnace Smelling Bad: If the furnace is eliminating a strange smell that doesn’t dissipate in a few minutes, it is an indication that the components are in trouble. Any smell that seems like natural gas needs immediate attention. The unfamiliar odor can be dangerous to health as well as the house structure. Do not use the unit unless it is inspected by the professional.

Thermostat Temperature Increase: If you need to set the temperature of the thermostat to even a higher degree, it is time to reschedule an appointment with the HVAC company. This means that your system is not producing heat efficiently that could be due to a variety of reasons, such as air flow obstruction, vent and register malfunctions, faulty thermostat, heat exchanger crack, failed furnace component and dirt buildup on the heating system.

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