Importance Of A Summer Maintenance Call For Your Columbus Home AC Unit

by McAtee LLC on June 13, 2013

Is your AC Unit running up to speed?


Is your AC Unit running up to speed?It’s vital that a homeowner have a yearly summer maintenance check done on their AC unit before the full blown heat of the summer arrives. An AC Unit works incredibly hard to cool the air within a home, and without proper maintenance, the unit can start to perform more poorly, but yet consume more energy to operate.

When a homeowner schedules regular AC tune-ups and inspections, the technician will be able to inspect all of the multiple AC components, as well as check the fluid levels of the Freon. As part of the inspections, an HVAC technician will start by observing both the interior and exterior condenser coils, the unit’s capacitor, and also the compressor.

Besides checking the AC unit condenser, an HVAC technician will be sure to thoroughly check the refrigerant levels, the electrical connections, and finally they will monitor the temperatures of the unit to ensure that it’s within normal range.

When an HVAC unit has condenser coils that are embedded with dirt, they can cause the motor to work over-time to attempt to generate the same amount of power. However, if a unit is left unserviced, there can also be low refrigerant levels within the AC that can actually cause it to burn out if it’s not serviced in time.

Those who do consult with a professional HVAC company will be able to benefit from an AC unit that is maintained with proper Freon levels, up-to-code electrical wiring, and also proper operating levels. It’s a proper habit for a person to continue to have their AC unit serviced at least once a year so that it will continue to run throughout the summer and not break down on one of the hottest days. 

Furthermore, those who do have their AC units serviced regularly will not only benefit from a comfortable environment, but they will also save money on potential repairs and electricity costs in operating the unit. Is your  AC Unit running up to speed? Call McAtee LLC at (614) 252-9400, your Columbus AC experts for a maintenance visit and make sure your AC runs smoothly all Summer long!

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