Reasons To Consider Getting A High Efficiency AC Unit For Your Home

by McAtee LLC on August 30, 2013

Looking to get a new AC unit for your home?


Columbus AC InstallationHigh efficiency AC units are well worth the higher initial costs when you consider the reduction in power consumption, quieter operation, and reduced power bills. Newer AC Units are normally categorized by what is known as a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). 13 is the lowest SEER rating that an AC unit can have and still be considered “energy efficient”. Lower power cost is definitely the number one reason that individuals choose to update their older units. However, one of the mistakes that many people tend to make is that they replace their unit without replacing other components. An AC unit is only as efficient as its lowest rated component.

Hiring a professional can help keep these kinds of mistakes from popping up. Professionals will not only be able to recommend the perfect systems for a specific home but they can also pinpoint components that should be replaced.

The next consideration goes hand-in-hand with reduced costs. Lowering power usage will reduce your carbon footprint, therefore cutting back pollution. Although one home might seem insignificant in a world populated by billions of people, every little bit helps.

Efficient units will also do a better job of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. After all, this is the main purpose of having a unit in the first place.

Of course, some opt for the peace and quiet that newer units provide. Ever been nose deep in a book only to be ripped away by a loud AC unit kicking on? The latest units are almost completely silent, making them quite appealing for many families. In fact, sound reducing technology makes newer units more than ten times quieter than older units.

As you can see, the higher price tag associated with more efficient units is justified. Consider upgrading your AC unit and reap in the benefits. Looking to install a new AC unit in your Columbus home? Call McAtee LLC at (614) 252-9400 and get started today!

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