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Do I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

To better understand the signs that mean that our services are needed, it helps to understand common sewer line problems. One particular problem is called a low area. A low area is a location where a sewer pipe has lost slope. This problem usually occurs where the pipe travels to the city sewer main. This problem can also occur near a septic tank. This is why professional installation services are important. If a pipe is installed efficiently, it will have a proper slope as it travels to the city sewer main or septic tank.

When there is a low area, the sewer will hold water after the water flow has stopped. Issues will occur when water travels down the sewer line and accesses a blockage. A blockage is caused by standing water. If the low area is very low, the water will travel slowly, and it will settle in the area. Whenever the water settles in one location, a clog can occur.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Pipeline Inspection?

Our technicians use video pipeline inspection equipment for many reasons. For example, the equipment helps our technicians pinpoint the location of the problem. This is a huge benefit to homeowners because digging is not required. Most homeowners value their property thoroughly, and would rather go through with a non-invasive service that does not damage the landscape. Video pipeline inspections also help you save time and money.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is used to clean drains. The process involves using water that is under high pressure. The water sprays down the drain and cleans debris efficiently. Once cleaning is complete, the water can flow through the pipes without any issues.

Our hydro-jetting cleaning equipment can clean soap, sand, ice, grease, and mud from a drain. The procedure in no way damages your pipes, and is able to clean out all the residue which may be left behind by other cleaning procedures.

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