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Do I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

There are many signs that mean that a sewer line has problems, but homeowners can easily understand common signs that result from a low area problem. A low area is a location where a pipe has no slope. This particular problem usually occurs where the pipe runs to the sewer in the city. In some cases, a low area problem can also occur where the pipe travels to a septic tank. When a property has a low area, the pipe will hold water. When the water does not leave the pipe, issues will occur because of the standing water. Standing water creates a blockage. This problem is considered a major problem if the area is very low. A very low area makes water flow slowly through the pipe, and this creates a clog in the pipe.

What Is a Video Pipeline Inspection?

A video inspection is better than other inspection techniques because digging is not required to find the source of sewer line problems. The process of digging to find a problem greatly damages the property. This is why our technicians use video pipeline inspection equipment. Our procedures do not require any digging on the property. Because of this, we save time, and homeowners save money.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is an advanced cleaning method that is used by professional technicians. We use hydro-jetting procedures for many reasons. For example, some homeowners may have very old pipes. These pipes must be cleaned carefully to avoid any possible damage. Old pipes commonly have vulnerable spots, but our hydro jetting equipment tools avoid this areas, so that the pipes are never damaged during cleaning. Homeowners also hire our technicians to remove major clogs from pipes. Hydro jetting successfully removes ice, mud, and grease.

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