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Every home has its troubles. While many are obvious, like poor roofing and weak insulation, some are much more difficult to take note of. For example, the plumbing system can be troublesome to take notice of. Usually, most homeowners fail to notice the signs that point to a problem, which then leads more serious issues. However, at McAtee we understand our customer’s needs and concerns. Our professionals are able to assist you with the above issues and ensure that your piping system is working as optimally as possible. Don’t stress and disrupt your daily routine. Customer experience is of the utmost importance to us, so click here to take a look at our reviews.

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Do I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

Over time, your sewer system can come into contact with an array of issues. Not noticing these problems can lead to costly repairs. Therefore, there are a number of signs that we recommend taking note of. The most common sign is gurgling from your toilet drain or sink. This is an indication that there is something wrong with your piping. Odd sewage smells and/or puddles in your backyard–if you have a sewage tank buried there– are also indications that you have a sewage problem that needs to be repaired.

What Is a Video Pipeline Inspection?

For many homeowners, one of the most frustrating things that a piping and sewage company can do is to dig up the soil and remove piping to find a problem. Rather than create mess and frustration for the homeowner, there is an alternative method for examining home piping, using a video pipeline inspection. This entails a camera attached to a long extensive semi-rigid line that is pushed through the pipes to pinpoint the issue. This method is especially handy if there is blockage in your piping that cannot be removed through traditional methods. The professionals that undertake this process take extra care to verify the issue and come up with a feasible solution.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

While it would be fantastic if a regular plunger could remove every blockage and piping problem, this unfortunately is not the case. Some cases require the use of superior technology. One of the most common methods that we can perform is hydro-jetting. This process utilizes highly pressurized streams of water to remove any debris and gunk from your piping. The entire process allows for much cleaner piping, fewer issues, and a more efficient and effective clean to ensure that your piping performs as it should.

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