Should I hire a plumber to help me remodel my bathroom?

by McAtee LLC on April 11, 2014

Reasons to Hire a Plumber to Remodel Your Bathroom


Bathroom RemodelingPlumbing is one of the few things in a home that even the most skilled homeowner “handyman” should not attempt to handle. Many homeowners are concerned with costs and budgets, and therefore elect to do plumbing work themselves. A few missteps can lead to disastrous results that end up costing substantially more in damages than the hiring of a professional plumber would have cost for the original job. Whether your bathroom is aging and faulty, or you are simply looking to renovate it cosmetically, it is not recommended that any kind of plumbing work be done by anyone other than a certified and licensed plumber.

Permits and knowledge of up-to-date building codes are essential and legally required before any remodeling of your bathroom can take place. No matter what kind of research a homeowner can do, it rarely compares to the knowledge a licensed plumber will have. This knowledge also lends itself to the feasibility of your project. Most piping cannot be seen and few homeowners know where it ultimately leads, whereas a plumber can easily determine how realistic moving fixtures, bathtubs and toilets would be, preventing any kind of misaligned or incorrect pipes, and consequent plumbing disasters, such as burst pipes, flooding and the extensive water damage to walls, floors and the home’s infrastructure this would cause.

Plumbers are also equipped with the proper tools and experience needed to successfully remodel your bathroom. These tools are often times very expensive and the knowledge and experience a plumber is equipped with is invaluable. DIY websites and books are often misleading – bathroom remodeling is a time-intensive, complicated operation where any small mistake such as using the wrong fittings, selecting the improper piping or incorrectly connecting water and sewage mains, will cause irreparable harm to your home.

In addition to the technical knowledge a plumber possesses, they are also more knowledgeable about the best brands, models, fixtures and hardware available, items that they have personally used. Unlike doing it yourself, working with a plumber will also grant you a guarantee and a warranty, so that should anything become faulty for up to a year, they will come back to your bathroom and address the issue, saving you a lot of time and money ultimately.

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