Signs Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance

by McAtee LLC on August 23, 2013

Does your AC unit need maintenance?


Columbus AC RepairRegular air conditioning maintenance is important to keep the appliance running during those hot summers. However, these are few key things to look for, to indicate if an AC unit needs to be repaired or fixed.

The most apparent indication of a faulty air conditioning unit is if the room temperature is not adequately cool. This could be a result of multiple different issues. Causes can include: an unclean filter, a inefficient thermostat, or a lack of a quality compressor.

Another symptom of a AC unit that needs maintenance could be peculiar sounds. It is important to be aware of the sound one’s air conditioning makes when it is running properly. This will make it easier to notice when the appliance is not running the way it should. Loud and jangling noises are typical of a broken air conditioning system.

The life span of an individual’s AC unit is also important to note. Systems that are more than 10 years old typically begin to lose their efficiency. Proper maintenance over time can increase the life span of one’s unit.

A costly electric bill, particularly during the months of summer, may also indicate an inefficient AC Unit. If one is unsure about what the average electric bill should look like, ask neighbors or look up former years’ electric bills. Broken air conditioning systems can become pricey. The high-costing bill can be an result of the air conditioning working harder and utilizing more energy than it needs to. The cost of this can add up over months and years.

And finally, another very apparent sign something is wrong with an air conditioning system is when it is leaking water. It is important to check under one’s AC unit for a puddle. This is not normal and should be remedied sooner than later.

It is of high importance that people take the steps to ensure that their air conditioning units are being properly maintained. To not do so, would not only be ineffective and inefficient, but also extremely pricey. There are many visual and audible signs of a poorly working air conditioning system, if one chooses to look for them.

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