Tips On Maintaining Your Evaporator Coil

by McAtee LLC on July 31, 2013

Have you been keeping up with your evaporator coil?


Columbus Evaporator CoilEvery air conditioner has two major components which are the condenser and evaporator coil. The evaporator coil, located inside the home with central air is responsible for absorbing humidity and heat from the air. As a result dryer cooler air is released. Maintaining your evaporator coil is crucial to prolong the life of your air conditioner. Unfortunately many do not know how to do so. Here are a few tips on maintaining your evaporator coil.

Change/Clean the Filter Regularly: The filter of your evaporator coil helps to clean the air that passes through the coil. Debris such as dust and hair is reduced but over time filters become clogged causing the unit to either work harder or release air filled with debris into the home.

Keep the Area Around Your Unit Clean: Keeping the area around your unit clean can help to avoid an air conditioner from malfunctioning. If your unit is located outdoors ensure that foliage is at least two feet away from the unit and consider covering your unit with an air conditioning cover when not being used.

Have Coil Cleaned Professionally: Every coil is located differently depending on the installation. In order to have it cleaned correctly and safely hire an HVAC technician.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Yearly: Not only should you hire an HVAC technician to clean your evaporator coil but professional maintenance should be scheduled as well. Maintenance should be performed one to three times per year to inspect the coil and make any necessary repairs.

Overall maintaining your evaporator coil is easy. All you need to do is change and replace your filter, keep the area around your unit clean and hire a professional HVAC technician to do the rest. Yearly they can perform regular maintenance such as cleaning the coil and making any necessary repairs. If you need to have your air conditioner’s evaporator coils cleaned out in the Columbus area? Call McAtee LLC at (614) 252-9400.

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