What Does The SEER Rating Mean On An AC Unit?

by McAtee LLC on September 27, 2013

Things to know about your AC unit


Columbus HVACSEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a metric measurement that rates your air conditioning unit. You will see a single number such as 10 or 23 in relation to a HVAC unit. An outdoor compressor bearing unit is paired with an indoor unit creating a matched system in your home that is then tested and awarded an efficiency ratio. The units must be matched in order to qualify. This ratio details how much cooling/heating is put out by your system correlated with the amount of energy it takes to produce these results. When thinking of SEER, you are trying to determine how well your HVAC will convert fuel into cooling power throughout the year. The more cooling/heating for each unit of energy, the higher the SEER rating will be.

The Federal government mandated that all new central heating and air conditioners be rated at or above a SEER rating of 13. Since this mandate passed in January of 2006, HVAC manufacturers have continued to create more efficient units that range from a SEER-13 starting ratio to SEER-18, and even as high as SEER-23. The SEER rating can usually be found on a large yellow sticker attached to units. Understand that a ratio of 15 is considered high efficiency in today’s market. However, a typical household, especially in warmer climates, should consider at least SEER-16 to meet all of its needs. 

SEER ratings can result in benefits for the homeowner. Systems with a higher efficiency rating will use less energy to create more output, resulting in lower energy bills for the owner. Less energy means a lower carbon footprint on the environment. Also, utility companies will often offer discounts to its customers that install a higher efficiency system, saving the homeowner even more in the long run. Check with your provider to see if they offer these savings. These are all aspects to consider carefully as your shop for your new HVAC system using the SEER rating scale.

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