Why is it so cold in my house?

by McAtee LLC on November 22, 2013

Three Signs Your Heating Unit Needs A Tune Up


Columbus HeatingThe wintery weather and colder days are definitely closing in and that means it is the time of year to start thinking about keeping your home warm and cozy for your family. In most cases, homeowners give little thought to the heating system that they use to keep their home warm until they are smack dab in the middle of the cold weather. While it is always a good idea to have the system checked on a regular basis, you may realize that something is askew and need help right away. Here are a few signs to look for that will tell you it is time for a tune up.

Maybe You’re Not Cold Natured This Year: Have you noticed that you just cannot seem to get warm, no matter how much you turn up the heat? Maybe you have been having to add extra blankets at night or wrap yourself in more layers throughout the day. This does not mean that you have suddenly become more prone to freezing. It most likely means that your heating unit is due for a tune up. It is a good idea to give a serviceman a call just to be on the safe side. More than likely, there will be an issue with the system.

Heating System Is Running More Than It Should: If you have noticed that your heating unit is running way more than it should, there is a good chance that there is an issue with the system. You may not notice how much it is running, but may see a dramatic increase in the price of your home energy expenses or gas bill. pay close attention to these changes because it is often a sign that your system is in need of a major tune up, or even a complete replacement.

Unusual Electrical Issues When System Powers On: It is not uncommon to see the lights dim a bit or hear the refrigerator motor slow when the heat kicks on if there is an issue with the unit. When it takes more electric to get the system to kick in, there is often something going wrong. If this is an issue that you have noticed, make sure you call a professional to check it out.

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