Why is my furnace making funny noises?

by McAtee LLC on October 31, 2013

Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired


Columbus Furnace RepairA large part of owning your own home is keeping all of your appliances maintained and in working order. A yearly service check up can alert you to potential problems before you are stuck with no heat when the cold weather comes around. It is also important to know what signs to watch for to know when it is time to get your furnace looked at.

While it’s normal for a furnace to make some noise it will often start to make to make new and unfamiliar sounds as it gets older. While these sounds may not necessarily mean that anything is wrong they can also be indicative of a serious problem brewing. Take note of any new or particularly loud banging or squeaking that your furnace may be making. If the furnace is suddenly making new loud noises or the blower seems to be blowing excessively loud then it may be time to call a repairman to make sure that everything is functioning normally.

At some point you may notice that you have keep turning up your thermostat more than usual to get your house warm or that your heat bill has suddenly soared. This could signal anything from a thermostat problem to an unlit pilot light. If you feel like you are constantly adjusting your thermostat to keep your house at a consistent temperature there may be a problem with your furnace that needs to be looked at. 

The pilot light is an excellent indicator of when it is time for a furnace tune up. A pilot light is typically blue and steady. A yellow pilot light ought to be looked at as soon as possible as it can indicate a carbon monoxide leak. Don’t delay getting a yellow pilot light looked at. A professional repairman can tell you of any problems are with your furnace and get them fixed safely and efficiently. They can also tell you if your furnace is worth fixing up or if it is time to just replace it. 

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