Why is my house not heating up?

by McAtee LLC on October 24, 2013

Importance Of Checking your Heating System Before the Winter


Columbus HeatingOutside the wind is blustering, leaves are turning in an array of beautiful colors. The signs are telling that winter is just around the bend. Is your heating system ready for the season of the blizzard? Why wait until the temperatures are steadily below freezing to find out, a mistake that could very well leave you ‘in’ the cold.

A well maintained heating system contains a lot of critical components, catching a developing issue early can prevent a catastrophic failure during a peak time. More often than not, if a break down occurs it will be at night and result in a frantic emergency call. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night to find their breath frozen in the air because the furnace motor burned out due to a loose wire. A timely call in autumn before the temperatures plummet may catch a number of problems and prevent a costly repair bill. Those issues can often be easily resolved in a timely manner by replacing small wore out parts or performing simple adjustments. Doing this early leaves a larger window for ordering replacement parts. If a furnace is approaching the end of its operations, searching for a new system can require some time and financing. The sooner you know, the more options you will have available to you.

Technicians can assist in a number of areas to improve the efficiency of a heating system. Duct work can become clogged and dusty over the years spreading around potential allergy debris and hampering the efficient flow of air. Filter options can create a healthier environment inside the home. Adjustments can be made on some models of furnaces to use less energy. In some cases a replacement system may be a great option, the newer models can pay for themselves in savings. After all, if a motor is dying it is likely wasting power and increasing the bill. The longer the issue persists the more money is being thrown away.

Prevent interruptions to your service, have your system inspected and tuned up before cabin fever sets in. Stay warm! Is the heater in your Columbus home acting up? Call McAtee LLC at (614) 252-9400 and schedule a service call today!

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