woman holding her nose to block out a gross smell

Why Does My House Smell Musty?

Do you keep covering up a musty smell, but it keeps coming back? You shouldn’t have to have an air freshener in every room to remove that awful pesky smell.

Old or new, your house smells are unique to each situation. A leak, bad air filter, window mold, faulty garbage disposal, or water damage can often be the starting source to an unpleasant scent.

Whether it is the smell of sewer, mold or mildew, asking yourself some simple questions can help you narrow down the source of the everlasting stench.

Moldy and Musty

As musty smells can be caused by many things, mold and mildew seem to be at the top of the list.

An excess of moisture where it shouldn't be inside or underneath your home can begin letting off a funky odor.

Over time, as these odors increase most homeowners reach for an air freshener to mask it, but narrowing down where it is coming from is the most effective way to get rid of and prevent future smells.

Narrowing Down The Source

Does it smell worse in a certain season of the year or only after it rains? Is it only smelling after the kitchen sink, washer, or air conditioning is used?

You may have a water leak or a dirty air filter. The smell can travel depending on the location of the leak or extent of how dirty the filter is. Detecting the exact source can help with repairs or prevention.

Leaks can come from a number of different places in your home, from the outside seeping in, leaks from refrigerator and freezer, or even an uncleaned spill.

As your searching for the smell, clear your home and ease your mind. Opening cluttered spaces can promote better airflow and uncover corners of dust or built-up mold from an unknown leak.

It is important to catch the source, big or small of any leak before too much damage is done.

How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell

First, identify the source of the musty smell, whether it be a leaking pipe, high humidity, dirty duct, bad air filter, cigarette smoke, old wallpaper or drywall, or poor air airflow. 

Next, find a solution, from changing your air filter and replacing a carpet to cleaning your air ducts and fixing a leaky pipe. Meanwhile, get rid of the musty smell by opening your windows and doors to air out the place and consider investing in an air cleaner or dehumidifier

Check for other potential contributors previously mentioned after uncovering the main source to solve the problem from all angles.

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