Gas gage in front of plumbing.

What to Do in Case of a Natural Gas Leak

Gas leaks are a scary concern for homeowners. Be sure your home is safe by being aware of what a gas leak is, how to detect it, and what to do if you suspect you have one.

What is it?

A natural gas leak is when gas escapes it’s designated pipe and leaks into places it should not be. An accumulation of undesignated gas due to a leak is extremely combustible and therefore incredibly dangerous to your home and family. Faulty or deteriorated pipes are often to blame for gas leaks.

How to Detect a Natural Gas Leak?


A telltale sign of a gas leak is its odor. If you notice a gas scented aroma in your home, this is a cause for concern. Not sure what natural gas smells like? Many people claim that natural gas has a similar odor to rotten eggs. Needless to say, the scent will be hard to miss.


Another common indicator of a gas leak is the sound. Gas dispensing from a broken or damaged pipe is described as a hissing noise. If enough gas has leaked to form a puddle, you may also hear a rumbling or bubbling sound. If you suspect a gas leak, take a moment to listen very carefully to unusual noises in and around your home.


You may notice a few things in and around your home that might be cause for an investigation. If you notice bubbling in puddles of dirt or water outside of your home, gas is likely the culprit. Dead or discolored plants are also a common sign that gas is in the air.


What to do if you suspect a leak?

If you notice even one of the above indicators, do not hesitate to take these steps to ensure you and your family's safety.

1. Evacuate

Round up your family and immediately relocate to a safe area. Do not shut off or turn on anything that uses electricity or is flammable. Unless your car is parked a safe distance away from your home, do not start the engine if you believe there is a leak.


2. Call For Help

Once you have found a safe place, call your gas company as well as 911. Give (insert) a call so we can send out a team to fix your leak and get you back home.


3. Alert Your Neighbors

In most suburban neighborhoods, a gas leak in one home is a risk to the home next door. Once you have taken the above steps, it is important to alert your neighbors so they can also evacuate until the potential gas leak has been resolved.


4. Wait for the Professionals

Whatever you do, do not attempt to dig around or resolve a gas leak on your own. They are incredibly dangerous and should be left to the professionals for the safety of you, your home, your family, and your neighbors.


How to Avoid Leaks

The best way to avoid any unforeseen plumbing emergency is maintenance. Trust McAtee Plumbing Heating & Cooling to provide routine checks on all your plumbing and keep your home out of harm’s way! Give McAtee Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today at (803) 335-5109 and let us tackle any of your plumbing needs.