Person placing turkey on table of Thanksgiving foods.

How to Prevent Common Holiday Plumbing

Get out the turkey baster and the christmas cookie sprinkles, the holidays are just around the corner. Before you dive into the holiday feast, remember your home’s systems need to be ready for all the guests and festivities too. Here are some ways to prevent common problems during the happiest season of the year.


Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, especially during the holidays with more guests. Your toilets, bath tubs, and sinks can cause problems if they are not working properly. It is important to remember in your home and in any restroom you use this holiday season, that it is not a waste basket, and not everything can go down it.

Avoid putting these items down the toilet or bathroom drains:

  • Paper towels

  • Wipes of any kind

  • Kitty Litter

  • Hair

  • Grease

  • Oils

  • Cigarettes

  • Feminine Products

  • Q-tips

  • Cotton Balls


Your kitchen is another highly used room in your home. It is where you prepare all your dinner parties and bake with your family. It is also the home of your kitchen drain, disposal and dishwasher. These three plumbing systems keep your home running smoothly throughout all the cooking.

Just as the drains in your bathroom, be sure to keep an eye on what goes down the drain in your kitchen. You can avoid this by having a trash can near by and emptying plates before setting them in the drain.

This also goes for the garbage disposal. Don’t mistake the word garbage for a trash can, not everything can be put down the disposal.

Avoid putting these holiday foods down the disposal:

  • Turkey Bones

  • Coffee grounds

  • Pasta

  • Fruit pits

  • Grease

  • Potato Peels

If these tips don’t work, or the problem is too big to handle, don’t hesitate to contact the plumbing experts at McAtee Plumbing Heating & Cooling!