Person pulling hair out of a clogged drain.

Scary Scum and More That Can Clog Your Pipes

It can be pretty spooky to see the inside of your pipes, especially when there might be animals and creepy crawlers lurking in the shadows.

Clogs can be an effect of many different things, from cracks and broken pipes to something stuck within the pipe.

It may be a spooky season, but that doesn’t mean you need to be scared your plumbing is going to back up every time you turn the sink on or use the toilet.


Rats and mice are small enough to fit in your pipes, and that is not a pretty sight. They can crawl in from the smallest openings and cracks.

Even the larger ones can still damage your system by chewing on your pipes and causing them to corrode and clog.

Tree Roots

Trees can be beautiful next to your home, but their underground roots can potentially be the problem with your plumbing. Tree roots can grow straight through your pipes and cause clogs beyond the surface.

Larger clog issues like these can be caught by video camera inspections, since they may be deep into your pipes.


When you wash your hair or give your animals a bath, it is inevitable that some hair will go down the drain.

You should never put hair down the drain intentionally. Hair can get trapped in the curved section of the pipe and cause a clog to build up.


Grease can be a big issue for your pipes, especially near your kitchen drains. When grease goes down your drain, it becomes solid and attached to the inside of the pipes, making it sticky and trapping other things to create clogs.

Don’t let clogs frighten you through spooky season, especially when they are too big to handle on your own. Don’t hesitate to contact the plumbing experts at McAtee Plumbing Heating & Cooling!