Air Handler Services

Air Handler Services

In need of a new air handler system for your business? Call McAtee LLC, your air handler repair, and installation specialists now to schedule an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

McAtee LLC is a full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor. Our expert contractors specialize in maintenance, diagnosing, and repairing of air handling units. No matter what your task, small or large, we have the experience and know how to get the job done right, the first time.

An air handler is a vital piece to your heating and cooling systems. They house several key components, to include the blower, heating element, and the evaporator coil. The air handler is responsible for ensuring the air circulation is properly moving through all the vents or ducting within a business place or home. If your air handler becomes inoperable, then you will see a dramatic decrease in the heating or cooling of your house, and can ultimately cause serious damage to internal components of your systems.

Some of the most common problems that we see are damaged coils, faulty blower, and clogged air filters. Air conditioning coils are metallic tubes that are used to cool the air and with time they become dirty or damaged. This will cause your air handler to struggle to push out cool air throughout the property.

A faulty blower will cause your air handler to shut down or be unable to push any type of air out. The blower is responsible for pushing air through vents and they can break down due to long term use or inadequate maintenance. Finally, one of the most common problems is the clogged air filter. A clogged air filter will suffocate your air conditioning systems, by restricting air flow, which can lead to system breakdown or poor performance.

Our trained professionals at McAtee are well versed in fixings all those common problems associated with the air handler. We have over 60 years experience in the heating and cooling system industry and can provide you up-front pricing with a guarantee that our services will be done quickly and correctly. In addition, we can work with you on getting a new air handling systems for your new home or replacement of an old system.

We have some cost savings options that will work with most budgets. So, don’t put your trust into a substandard air handler repair service, come to your trusted repair specialist at McAtee. We will work hard to gain your trust and at the same time, save you money.

In need of a new air handler system for your business? Call McAtee LLC, your air handler repair, and installation specialists now.