Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

Do you need to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced in the Columbus Area? Call McAtee LLC now for quick, cost-effective garbage disposal repairs and replacements.

In a modern kitchen, a garbage disposal is just as important as the fridge or stove. This unit is attached to the underside of the kitchen sink. What the garbage disposal does is grind up pieces of food and then is washed away when the water is turned on.

Many things can go wrong with a garbage disposal and my company is the one you need to call on to fix all your disposal needs. Proper maintenance and annual checks can prolong your garbage disposals life expectancy for many years.

Never stick your hand down into the disposal trying to fix it yourself. Depending on the type of garbage disposal, small teeth can nick your fingers or worse. That is why it is best to leave it up to the pros.

Possible Problems with your Disposal


You can hear the motor of the disposal working but the disposal isn’t grinding. This means that your garbage disposal is jammed or clogged. Usually, a piece of bone or a large chunk of food is stuck near or in around the blades. This blocks off the drain hole. Don’t continue to run the unit before calling us out to inspect the problem. You can burn the motor out and then the whole unit will need to be replaced.

If the drain is clogged, water will be standing in the sink, unable to go down the drain. The disposal may sound like it is grinding poorly. This could be because something is in the disposal that shouldn’t be. Never, ever stick your hand in there to pull something out of the drain. The disposal sounds like it is humming and not grinding at all. This could mean the blades are broken. When this occurs it is best to replace the whole unit.

By calling our trained professionals, we can do a proper inspection and let you know what is happening before we repair or replace the garbage disposal. Sometimes a leak can occur. If you notice a leak under the garbage disposal unit, then a gasket or connector could be the faulty part. We can handle any job big or small and can come out to help pinpoint the problem area. These are just a few issues that can become an issue with a garbage disposal system.

When in doubt, let our professional handle any and all your plumbing and garbage disposal repair problems.

Do you need to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced?