Shower, Tub & Toilet

Shower, Tub & Toilet

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When you want to change the shower, tub, or faucets in your bathroom, you need the assistance of a professional plumber. Also, when those items need to be repaired, the repair can become quite delicate. Because the shower usually involves piping coming directly from a large wall, you do not want to try to do these repairs or remodels on your own.

When you need help, you can call on us here at McAtee LLC for plumbing repairs or replacements. For example, installing a new shower is more than simply putting in a showerhead. Many times, the entire shower has to be pulled from the place where it sits so that it can be replaced. Caulking and installing the shower so that it does not leak can be challenging and should be always be done by a pro.

When you are having problems with your toilet, it could be very tempting to go out and purchase the commode that looks great in your bathroom and assume you can install it yourself. Just like a shower, the toilet has to be rising from its spot and then has to be replaced and recaulked. All of the areas around the toilet has to be caulked to prevent leakage, and the piping for the toilet has to be installed by a professional to ensure the proper flow and ease of use.

You might have issues with the toilet flushing or with clogs that you cannot seem to make go away. A professional plumber can release the clogs and/or change the piping so that the toilet will work properly.

When the toilet is new to space and is not the same shape and size as the old toilet, you will want a professional on the job to make certain that the new toilet fits properly. Again, these are “do not do it yourself” jobs.

At McAtee LLC, we understand the importance of your time and staying on budget. We charge a fair price for the work that is done, and we spend as little time as possible in your home so that you don’t feel like we’re taking over. Give us a call today!

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