Water Service Lines

Water Service Lines

Our associates can repair and replace any water line from the street to your faucet. Water lines are laid, even before the house is fully completed. They lie in the ground or under your home for their entire lives. It is not unusual for them to develop leaks or even break. Junctions, where two or more lines come together, are often weaker areas that pressurized water exploits. Old connections have been known to crack or even break under the intense pressure of water.

It’s true that water lines are designed to withstand intense amounts of pressure, and to tolerate changes in temperature from without and within, but everything breaks down over time. A leaking faucet tells an owner that it’s been a while since the water fixtures have been checked. Generally, that means it’s been at least twice as long since the water lines have been checked. It may seem trivial, but it never hurts to check. Call us, let us check out those water lines and repair them.

Perhaps your lines have already been giving you problems, take the time to call us. We can help. We can trace the problem back to its source and repair it. When water lines burst they can make a horrible mess. Water can destroy carpeting, dry wall and literally anything in its path. Even after things seem dry, mold can grow in crevices and cracks and cause health problems years down the road. Don’t take this kind of chance. Call us, let our professional associates check out your water lines today.


Simple To Complicated, We’ve Got You Covered

Does your sink have an annoying little drip, or does your toilet run all night long? Few things can be as bothersome as dripping water or water fixtures that don’t quite work correctly. Unfortunately, the little drips and odd sprays from faucets are often just the indicators of a larger problem. When rubber gaskets dry up and crack, they allow water to flow through.

This is what causes the drips. If the gaskets are old then, there is a good chance that the piping they are attached to is as well. Oftentimes, when a homeowner sets about changing that faucet gasket, they find a host of other problems as well. When it comes to water pipes, it’s never just one gasket. It’s best to call in a professional, even if you think you can do it yourself.

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